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I edited this photo of me in photoshop and I'm not sure if I should FB dp it.... 

Imma upload it here incase I never do end up making it my fb pic plus its so cute
 this edit is not going to waste.



I listen to pop punk and mainly male artists because they are singing about their emotions and their break ups and how it feels to be in love and to have a crush and when I see guys, I see them as emotional-less fucks. I can’t even relate to their problems, but to hear them be so open about such heart breaking events is just the cutest thing in the world. I cry ya know, while I listen, but I don’t know why because they don’t affect me. Guys are told to be so strong and the fact that these guys are so manly and they’re singing so hard and rough-like and the contrast between lyrics and sound is immense, I love it. The harder you scream the more meaningful it is and I see it as they’re hurting. Guys who hurt you just want to hug. You wouldn’t think guys like them feel like that, but they do and it's good to know because guys have emotions too, but they’re not as open about it like girls are.

My grammar sucks ass but I don’t give a fuck.  Like pretentious fucks have a stick up their ass about word choice and sentence structure and punctuations but to be honest I could care less.  As long as it makes sense then I don’t care. Do what ever you want and if you want to get your point across do it in however way you like. fuck, fuckers who fucking judge you.


Haikus are easy with an online syllable counter

 Your first kiss will come
It is a matter of time
And you will love it

A cheesy haiku by me

Happy New year.
My haiku is my biggest update on my life, everything else is not important.
I am up to date with parks and recreation and the big bang theory.

My resolutions are to:
1. Go to bed earlier
2.  Lose 15 pounds 
3.  Manage my school work efficiently

I went to Florida and at one point the sun was too strong for my eyes


Update :3

Hey I haven't made a post since the summer, holy farts! A lot has happened so let me quickly summarize my life for my readers haha....

On July 20th I took out my weave! I know my previous post talks about how the whole 'natural' thing wasn't for me but I thought it through and finically... I do not have the money to keep up with relaxers every month.  So here I am with no extensions... 100% natural. It feels good and I feel liberated. I tried starting a natural blog but I'm not a very motivated person so yeah...

August 21st was my first day of cegep woot woot! well not really...  My schedule is perfect and I have no classes on thursdays and fridays and august 21st was a thursday but I got a job at the schools book store so it was sort of my first day. The bookstore job only lasted 3 weeks but it was super fun and I'll probably go back next semester.
the view from one of my classes

October 26th was my graduation ceremony. It was heart breaking to see all my friends for the last time but the whole high school experience was fun while it lasted and it helped me become the person I am today.

s/o to my mom,dad and Shania for the flowers <3

Small but still exciting events:
  • August 19th I went to an indoor trampoline arena called Isaute with my friends
  • September 1st I had all you can eat sushi for the first time
  • September 9th I met my first actual friend at school and her name is Tania
  • September 11th I threw a surprise birthday party for my close friend talia
  • September 26th and 27th American apparel had 90% off sale and I got so much new clothes
  • September 27th I went bike riding slightly 'out of it' at around 3am
  • October 11th I finished my 1000 piece puzzle ^_^
  • October 12th I celebrated Thanks giving and lost my keys T-T
  • October 18th I attended a real good party!

Coming up for me in the future..
  • Halloween is tomorrow wich means dressing up and partying !!
  • November 1st I plan on getting my spetum pierced
  • December ? I'm going to florida for a week!

I've also recently gotten back into hanging out with my old group of friends. After graduation we all hung out and it reminded me that I actually enjoy these people so thats becoming a thing but anways I'm trying to build a friend base with people because big groups of friends are always fun :)

Yee Ho's reaction is priceless

Pop punk has also taken over my life... thought i should mention that!


Changes xx

Ok so over the past year I feel like i've changed a lot and have have transitioned into a person I am content with.

I do still get depressed but it doesn't last for months on end.

However Cegep is in a month and I want to change my overall appearance and update my wardrobe.

I really loved having short hair but I want the hair on my head to be mine.

I scrapped the idea of going natural because I am lazy and can not spend 4 hours on my hair every time I want to style it.

So my plan is to relax my hair and cut it short like a pixie cut.

 It's going to be difficult finding a stylist in montreal that knows how to properly relax and style my hair but hopefully I find one before school starts.

As for  clothes I was watching a beauty crush video and she suggested building a wardrobe with black and whites.

I gave it some thought and realized that I barely wear bright colourful clothes and the colourful clothes I do own goes untouched.

This realization prompted me to discard a large amount of my clothing and I'm planning on setting up a garage sale and selling them off.

I'm now going to try and build a wardrobe filled with basic t-shirts and pants.

I recently went downtown and forever 21 was such a turn off. I don't know if it's because I'm getting older or forever 21 is going through something but I didn't see a single thing I liked.

They have way to much clothes and for me it's not worth searching through.

I'll probably stick to their accessories and cheap white t-shirts  for now.

Clothing stores like Brandy Melville, American apparel, Topshop, Garage, Zara and H&M are more my thing. It's cute and simple and it's what I'm going for.

I'm hopping I can achieve all these changes as well as obtain a Canon t3i that I so desperately want.

I'm also going to try and teach myself how to properly use eyeshadow and apply cover up because I know for a fact that I'm doing it wrong haha.

So far my summer has been great. Lots of parties and late night biking :))