Desperation and hanging in the backyard at night

I got my ears pierced ! After years of waiting I finally got my second hole pierced. 
In a way it still hurts but that's because I'm an idiot and I keep bumping into shit. The healing process is so confusing. Some people say use alcohol others say not to use alcohol. My piercer said to use SpectroJel.    (sadly I picked up the knock off version but what ever, it'll do.) I would like to thank my dad for coming with me/paying it for me.We had a great Sunday we went to the mall and hung out then he took me out to Harvey's and we sat down and ate. My dad may be a dumb loser but I really love him and it would suck if he wasn't in my life.
I bought edge control for an outrageous price. I went online and saw it for 4 bucks after I bought and ughhhh. mine came up to 8.04 ! I'm not even sure if it was worth it. I mean at first it was really nice and it held up perfectly. A few hours later it was all flaky . good thing I was at home when this happened. I'm going to research about it after this post because I really need to tame my edges.
Anyway tomorrow I need to finish up my persuasive essay about pigeons( weird  I know lolz)  and work on my math memory for my test on Wednesday. ( sigh... so much homework)
this picture never gets old

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