don't give up because you're loosing

weird... the song that I was listening to yesterday when I made my first post just came on when I decided to  make a new post today lol. I'm actually really addicted to this thing, I spent a really long time editing my blog page to my liking. I think blogger dislikes people who decided not to use their layouts because they took away some of my privilege but what everss I'll cope with it. I've been trying to find bloggers who have the same interests as me but I'm super shy and don't know if I should comment on their posts so I just fade away to back like a loser. here's a picture of what I wore today, nothing special just a tie dye sweater and pyjama shorts, you cant really get any inspiration from it but its comfy c:

if you haven't noticed I like placing my hand near my face when I take pics
you cant really see the sweater or my shorts but out of the 30 something picture I took on my webcam this is the only one I like (─▽─) 

kk well I cant really blog about anything else because its march break and I don't do anything but sleep all day stay up all night. next week will probably be more eventful  

man do I love the roster teeth animated adventures, I suggest you watch them,they're really funny c:

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