Dreamless in early graves

I wish I had a job so I could buy all this crap (╯︵╰,)
5 panel hat:  Urban Outfitters 25$/ velvet skirt: eBay 8$/Doc Martens 170$/ Harem Pants: 15$/Bowler Hat:  Urban Outfitters 25$/Jake top: Amazon 14$/ ear  buds: urban Outfitters 12$/ Collide With The Sky album: HMV 12$/ Sempiternal album: ??
yea well I definitely want those items but I hate asking my parents for money. (cries) 
OOOOOOHHHH WELL, ill just have to imagine them in my dreams 

now tell me this inst the funniest picture you have ever seen.( ^o^)

peace yo 

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