False words fall dead

Surprisingly I went out today. I wasn't planning on it but my Mom came home at lunch and told me she needed help trying to figure out something at work so I was like ' yeyeyesure' 
she left before me since I was 'taking a really long time' to get ready ( I mean what do you expect, I just woke up) anyway after she left I fished out these boots.

they belong to my Mom but she doesn't wear them any more (probably because one of the boots has a jacked up heel) so I decided to take ownership of them c:
hat: local boutique 10$/scarf: bijou-tree 10-15$/ denim jacket: dads hand me-down/sweater : value village 3$/ acid wash jeans: urban planet 15$/ boots: moms/ Sony head phones: traded with a friend
I pulled this outfit together, It didn't really matter what I looked like since I was only going up the street and the dollar store ( which is like 2-3 blocks from my house)  and when I was getting ready I was like ' I should take pictures for my blog and so I did and now you're looking at them. 
My Mom was being extremely difficult, as in acting like she knew what she was doing but didn't. I finally resolved her problem though and she gave me money so I could get stuff at the dollllaaaa store.

I was desperately in need of a mug because every morning I make tea or some sort of hot beverage and I never have time to finish it but now I never have to worry about unfinished drinks. I also got a candle and it smells delicious yo,its black cherry scented and for a cheap candle its doing a pretty good job. lastly I got Revlon nail polish and I still cant believe they have Revlon nail polish at the dollar store. One of my friends from school believes that it's fake but it has the logo and everything so it should be real , right ? Well I'm going to put it on tonight if I don't end up procrastinating. (OMG I JUST LOOKED IT UP ONLINE AND ITS MAGNETIC ! 2 DOLLARS FOR MAGNETIC NAIL POLISH !? AWWYEEE) aha I'm really happy right now. If you live near a dollarama I advise you to check if they have this.  Oh and the colour is pop star .. well I think.

so i guess the highlights of my day were 
1. the dollar store

2. taking pictures

3. cooking the rest of my pizza

and now to spend the rest of my night browsing the internet and munching on snacks
(& filling out my summer job application that should have been done by now)
lol failure

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