I've decided that my blog has no purpose. A blog with no purpose will have barely any followers and I'm ok with that because it means less people will be criticizing me and I am terrible at accepting harsh criticism. So this is just a blog about me posting pictures of myself consistently because I'm too shy to do it anywhere else and me talking about shit that people could care less about.

Anyway many things are pissing me off right now. First off I fucking hate gym and I fucking hate my gym teacher and I hate half my fucking class. Why are people forced to do gym? So what if someone is fat or doesn't like working out?  It should be their choice how they want to manage their physical health. They shouldn't have to be forced to shit they don't fucking feel comfortable doing. I hate the fact that you have to run in gym and do push-ups and do abdominal bridges. LIKE I DON'T FUCKING HAVE TIME FOR THAT. Whenever I have gym I want to commit suicide, I want to kill myself and end my life because I hate it so much, gym is like another form of bullying for me. I feel like my gym teacher has been possessed by the devil because he makes us do things that only a demon would assign. He is literally the worst gym teacher. He chooses by favouritism and it’s so fucking annoying. IT’S LIKE HE ALWAYS NOTICES ME WHEN I'M SLACKING OFF. I always do my best when we’re doing something I like and when we are doing that something, that son of a bitch isn't even looking my way. HE DOESN'T EVEN TAKE MY HARD WORK INTO ACCOUNT, like thanks bitch, thanks. I and this girl, we both never do anything in class but she gets an 85% and I get 75%. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME, ARE YOU SERIOUS. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS? It’s probably because she has two beautiful sisters who are both athletic and know him. IF IT WASN'T FOR THAT SHE’D BE HANGING OUT IN THE 75'S WITH ME. Now my class is not as bad as last year but I want throw desks at their faces. They are all suck ups to that stupid freaking teacher who is Satan.  I have ignorantly convinced myself that my gym teacher is one of Satan's minions.

I think I'm done ranting like a mad angry person. The only thing left on my mind is my friend Emily (not really her name) she's the coolest girl I ever knew. She likes the same music as I do and she has an awesome personality. I wish we could be best friends but I feel like it will never happen. I feel like we’re just pushing a friendship that's not meant to be. I despise forced friendships and that's how it’s turning out to be. A friendship that's not working out and by her personality, I can never tell how she feels about me. She shit talks a lot of people and I can’t help but think she does the same for me. idk...

 I'm a real fucked up mess, who gets angry to easily and has social anxiety. 
( & can not spell) 
btw I got my Smucker's Uncrustables#swag
if anyone read this id literally have no friends 

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