I'm losing control, My head is alright

.... Something out of the ordinary happened today.... I WENT TO A PARTY!
Calm down people it was just a birthday party.You really think I'm that cool to actually get invited to a house party ? That's one in a million.

Today wasn't that bad to be honest. Unlike every Saturday that has passed I went out and chilled with friends.I saw my on add off best friend. Well I consider it on and off, she considers it permanent.  I don't know we just don't see each other enough to label ourselves as best friends. I love her beaucoup because she's one of the only friends who I can relate to and have a causal conversation without worrying about the awkward silent moments but idk... Overall the party was fun, a little stuffy because her house was small but fun. I didn't take much pictures so there's not much to upload but here's a few. 

before the party.... I blew up a poop load of balloons and emptied it in her room. yea I'm cool (;
My mom's on the left I didn't really intend on adding her but she looks pretty cute and I don't so I'm making her my distraction hehe.
The super tacky card I made for my friend... She loved the Finn and Jake part I drew which made me feel special
credit :~

there were way more balloons I just captured her bed aha, not what I expected to look like but my idea was totally original 
The cake was great ! I even went back for seconds ( not surprising)
It was a night different from the rest.. in a good way !
good night ♡ 

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