None of the colours ever light up anymore in this hole

Omg I haven't blogged in so long. Mostly because I had so much homework and I'm super slow when it comes to doing homework. Well I had to do a book report and it was given 4 months ago but I decided to only read it a few days before it was due... yea not very smart considering the fact that the book was The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn ( that's like 400 pages)

now I have to read Ethan Frome and yesterday I read the first page and I almost fell asleep.... good thing its only 183 pages.
My teacher chose the worst books to make us read
1. Obasan
2.A Lesson Before Dying
3. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
4. Ethan Frome
why would a grade 10 class want to read such boring books ?! I love my teacher but the books she chooses....
what else is new...  
I finally did my nails ! they were really nice for the first few days but then the magnetic style faded...(probably because it was from the dollar store)
meh you can kind of see it but wtvs

I also added my some pins to my jacket. I pretty much degrunged my jacket but I think it looks even more cooler now
the whale just ties it all together ●ᴥ● 
I also added Ezra Miller to my list of celebrity crushes (ugh he's so attractive)

well my week was anything but exciting. I did absolutely nothing and it will probably be like that for the rest of the year but ill be sure to mention if anything exciting happens.... the rest of this entry will probably be my crappy photography of shit in my room. Enjoy my invisible readers 

If you think you're a loser don't worry because I'm one too.

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