One hundred million twinkle lights in neon blue

yay its Easter !
I could live without Easter though.... the chocolates great and so is the dinner but meh.
One of the benefits is the four day weekend we have each year hehe  c:
I went out pretty much everyday this weekend and I'm proud of myself !
Friday: I went thrifting with my bestie Talia
Saturday: me and my friend Arina went wandering around Montreal. 
( we got general tao and it was so good omfg)
Sunday: I met up with my friend Eunji and she came over for Easter dinner.

I really liked my outfit Saturday but since my internet randomly stopped working I was to depressed to take pictures ( and tired)
I did take pictures of my outfit today so here you gooooooo

I did wear socks but you can barely see them so you I'm just going to skip that.
I showed a few of my friends my blog but not many.I don't want my whole school finding out about it like they did with my youtube account. in a way this is private but i made it public so I can meet new people but I don't think it's working :'( 

anyway I'll keeping blogging till I loose interests or until a troll visits me and starts making me feel like shit.

anyway choi

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