you're never gonna fit in much, kid.

So much has happened since Tuesday !

Not really lolz ... its been really boring actually, a lot of snow though !

It started on Tuesday and I was so freaking angry when my school announced that they were open.All the schools in my area were closed yet since we are apart of the EMSB they had to keep our school open.
I kept nagging my Mom to let me stay home but she kept saying no. the school was quiet though so I guess that was an advantage.

I'll probably remember that morning  for a while since I overheard the two kids making fun of me. I'm not 100% sure they were making fun of me but I mean its pretty damn obvious. For no apparent reason, one of the guys behind me just yelled out "Miss last night I listened to 'screamo' and it scared me." I rolled my eyes and then their voice lowered.They were talking about someone in particular who listened to hardcore music. Of course they were talking about me because whenever I'm on the bus or in hallway or wherever and I listen to music, I put it on the highest setting. I'm not an idiot so I heard what the were saying and the thought stayed with me throughout the day because I kept thinking to myself  " what's so bad about listening to  different types of music?" I love the music I listen to and I hate how people believe that only scenes and emo's listen to it. Music is meant for everybody and who cares if your taste is different from others ? I'm guessing they don't understand because I never did until recently ( sad, right ? )

Other than that, I went to my second last orthodontist appointment yesterday at 8 fucking am. It would have been great if it was 8 on any other day but it was Wednesdays and my school starts at 9:30am on Wednesdays. the appointment only lasted 20 minutes so I had nothing to do for  an hour. I ended up going to McDonalds and getting breakfast and stting in the back of the restaurant so no one could see how lonely I was.......sigh.

Lastly, I finally had my summer job interview. I spent all day not worrying about it but a few hours before I had to go I was a nervous wreck. It went well though, the questions were odd and I had a few moments when the room was spinning but I calmed myself down and it went well. the guy knew me so he said I have a good chance of getting accepted! the pay sucks but I never do anything in the summer so I'm basically going to sleep away camp and getting paid instead of paying for it. AWWWE YEA

[PS: I might go to a loft party tomorrow but the chances are 1 out of  10 so wish me luck!]

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[PSx2: I downloaded Blink-182, Enema Of The State and its really good ! my favourite song is Adam's song  c: ]

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