oh how I miss my hair :'(

I'm slowly dying because I just uploaded the saddest picture I have ever taken in my life. My life revolves around my hair and its sad knowing that I'm to scared to go out in public with my short, creepy hair.  However my hair wasn't always like this. Back in 2008/2009 my hair was this long ( and thick)...
look how young I was haha ( plus my jacked up teeth)
Thank you relaxers, for destroying my hair in less than a year. I really appreciate what you have done to my self esteem and my overall appearance.  I'm not sure I will ever relax my hair again... I don't want to grow my hair out and have it break all over again. I have been looking at natural styles and today after taking out my extensions ( ONLY FOR ONE DAY) My mom put in Bantu knots, which is what I have in the first picture. I'm going to untwist them in the morning and hope that they will come out nice. Like I mentioned in my first blog post, my natural hair will be worn in extension until I accomplish my goal of shoulder length hair. I wouldn't mind rocking a pixie cut but I know that will never work out. ANYWAY, I'm tired and my hair appointment is at 10am so I'm going to get ready for bed. I'll update this post in the morning if my hair looks swagtastic after untwisting them.

Au revoir 
[ in the morning ] 

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