True Friends Lie Underneath

 The years went by and those three girls you see in the picture above are no longer friends.

Its been a week since i've posted which is kind of improbable but not really.... Anyway I decided to blog about my old best friends. Shani and Sasha were the kind of friends you see in the movies. We would always have 3 way conversations, MSN group chats and even sleepovers. The three of us were literally inseparable. 

It was only  near the end of the year(2010) when we started changing and drifting apart. Sasha had started doing drugs, Shani wasn't about that life and I was left to chose which friend to go with. In the end I chose Sasha which is ironic since I knew Shani since kindergarten and I only met Sasha in grade 6 but Sasha did live 3 houses away from me which is one of the reason why I chose Sasha.

Me and Sasha did end up drifting apart. she changed schools and met new people and I was only but a mere memory to her. I still talked to her but I felt weird around her like she secretly judged me. She came back to my high school but its not like we hang out. She has her friends and I have mine. I don't want to seem to clingy or annoying so I give her space. I try not to ask her to hang out everyday because I know she'll get annoyed so I do my best to normalize our friendship.

We're still good friends, I text and we hang out a few times a months. As for Shani she has a new group of friends. I say hi to her in the hallways and we small talk here and there but when those akward silences enter out conversations everything just becomes weird.

Thursday there was a goodwill sale and i got more sweaters. ( i know, i know, i have a problem) I'm really happy with my purchases. i got a black leather watch, two cardigans, a pullover hoodie with my elementary logo on it and a... wait for it... A LLAMA SWEATER! I went with Sasha (weird, eh ?) but she's the only one who knows how to thrift so I always ask her to come. When we were there she found me the sweater and I am literally in love with it. I'm wearing it right now ! 
llama sweater

Lastly, I've found this wonderful underground post hardcore band and I love them so much!

photo text: tumblr

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