And is this fantasy real, or is it all home-made ?

Ugghhh, I'm starting to neglect this blog which is bad! It's just I never know what to blog about. I would do more outfit posts but I wear a uniform most of the time so that wouldn't work. Idk maybe I should just blog about movies and shows but screen capturing parts is a lot of work (not really I'm just lazy) Anyway for now, I'll just talk about all the major stuff that happened.

Mothers day 
I got my mom The Kite Runner for mothers day but she won't even read  it T-T. Its been sitting on the coffee table since the day i gave it to her  -_-

Camp Orientation 
I don't know if I mentioned this but I got the job as a C.I.T ! So yesterday they had this orientation and I met most of the people who will  be working there this summer. They're all really nice, I mean I didn't talk to everyone but I'll have time to do that during the summer. I'm really excited for camp, its been two years since I was there and I'm having some serious nostalgia.

Backyard Party
So yesterday I attended a backyard party hosted by my best friend. I have to say it's really not what I expected. I thought it was going to be terrible and nothing was gonna happen but I was wrong. I got so 'messed up'  it was crazy. I don't even remember half the things I said let alone did. My friends told me I was fucked up and they kept re-telling all the wacky crap I was doing. ( FREAKING EMBARRASSING)  they said I started crying because of the outsiders. (The deaths in that book upset the hell out of me) but anyway I think it would have been good if  I didn't puke and I didn't end up sleeping on the floor. (yea i know -__-)

Books and Movies 
Other than Looking For Alaska, The Outsiders was just OH MY GOD. it was so good, i was literally dying while reading it. You don't even understand, I WAS OUT OF CONTROL. I kept crying and laughing and that book just fucked with my emotions.

I watched this documentary called hype! and it was great. It was about Seattle and their music and how grunge started. It was so fascinating and it taught me a lot.

On Friday I watched Life as a house and it's a lot like the last song but more cooler. My friend told me to watch it and guess what? I FREAKING CRIED. I have this serious problem which makes me cry when I watch movies and sometimes shows. THIS IS NOT A FUN TRAIT. Anyway I totally recommend you watching it, it's really gOOoooOOooOoOOd.

that's about it home dawgs. This super long post should make up for not being such an active blogger.