Did anybody ever tell you that ?

I la la la la la love La Dispute right now !
check out
King park
Safer in the Forest - Love Song for Poor Michigan
The Most Beautiful Bitter Fruit
A poem
Edward Benz, 27 Times
I See Everything
a Broken Jar
all our bruised bodies and the whole heart shrinks

Last Friday instead of going to the house party, I got last minute tickets to see Marina & the Diamonds and i wasn't much of a fan, BUT LET ME TELL YOU THIS, i may sound extremely hipster right now but I knew her before she was really famous, like back in 2009 ok. Anyway I lost interest in her music so I never really listened to her until me and my friend began talking about her last weekend. She sent me Lies and it was  marvelous but I never really bothered to search for more of her new music. Then my friend was offered a free ticket to her concert and asked me if I wanted to go. I figured why not because the party would have been disastrous anyway. The wait was long and even when we got in the venue we had to wait an hour before the opening act performed (it was Charlie xcx) Shes so cute and her style is just fjsdfjskldfasjcnaa. Then Marina came on stage and she was  F A N T A S T I C. she literally looked like an angel. the way she was dressed and the way the light was shinning on her and don't get me started on her voice. I mean she doesn't really fit into my genre of music but I'm making an exception (; .Overall the concert was great and I'm so happy I went.
see what I mean ?!

* the song kinda goes with my blog title c: 


  1. Oh hey, thanks for visiting my blog! I can't wait to see more of your posts.

  2. OMG I AM SO JEALOUS! Marina is my dream concert and I absolutely adore her <3