So my special day is coming to an end.... well that was fast. It feels like just yesterday I was wolfing down a plate full of chicken wings ( my 15th birthday gift). I feel helpless knowing that time goes by so quickly. When I think of how boring my life is, I get so sad because this isn't how I pictured my teenage years. Yet I am content with the friends I have now and I wouldn't trade them in for the coolest kids in the world.

What made my day are my two friends, Katarina and Braxtyn. They showed up outside my bedroom window with all the objects in the picture above. I was so happy I almost cried and when I showed up outside they had my favorite pastry from cocobun with those sparkly candle sticks. I always complain about how I have no friends who care about me or how I am such a loser but in reality I'm surrounded by so many great people I just don't realize it.

Katarina and Braxtyn were at my house for a while and we recorded  A LOT of vines.

the rest can be found: hereherehereherehere,here,here

Then I went out to dinner with my parents for my 16th birthday and got the best pizza ever ! It's pricey but it taste delicious.

 We all look pretty unphotogenic in these pics except my mom because shes fabulous. Then I got a a free cake because a) it was my birthday and b) my pizza collapsed in the oven so I had to wait a few more minutes for a new one.

blurry, I know T-T

My 16th birthday is not how I imagined it when I was 12 years old. I thought I would have been able to rent a huge hall . I'd wear an elegant gown and get tons of gifts. I was way off with that daydream.

Although my life is going by quickly, I have this blog to record pointless events like these. So if I ever want to relive my 16th birthday then at least I can come and read this post and know exactly how I was feeling when I turned 6teen years old.

dairy queen cake ftw!


  1. the vines are so hilarious. I remember that show 6teen i used to be obsessed with it lol. I thought my 16th would be like that movie Sixteen Candles with Molly Ringwald in it but nooooo it was less glamorous :/ #teenmoviesarefulloflies Happy belated b-day :)

  2. Happy 16th birthday!! ahaha you're so adorable in the first photo <3 Your birthday girl ribbon is awesome <3 and your mom is so pretty and polished!! I love her scarf and bracelet <3