hey peeps ! I'm on my session break right now which means I'm HOME .... well not for long sadly. I'm going back to camp on Friday and coming back on the 17th (for good). I'm pretty sure you're wondering how camp was? WELL.... lets just say that I made a lot of good and bad memories, gained a lot of experience with working with children and just working in general and I made a bunch of new friends. The first two weeks were rough but now I've gotten use to it all.

I feel like as a person I've matured greatly and although that might seem like a good thing it actually saddens me. I enjoy being an immature mess but being around  kids 24/7 and having to be a good role model has changed me greatly.

So yeah....I barely have any picture so here's a scenery picture of the lake.

I can't wait to come back home so I can start blogging regularly again. There's not much for me to blog about right now.... well there is I'm just so lazy. 
Sorry for the lame post :[


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