Everything and nothing always haunts me

Yooooo, it's been a while eh ? Well the surprise post I'm supposed to make is taking a while because what I want to show you all is not complete. SOOOO while I wait I'm going to make another quick post.

Right now in Canada it is thanks giving! it's not as commercialized as American thanks giving but its still awesome.We have the dinner on Sundays so yesterday my mom cooked a big feast and omg it was so good like you don't even understand.

This weekend turned out to be a very prosperous for me. My family members were being awfully generous and so I got some cool ass shit.

list of things I got 
1. Iphone 5 
[my brothers got the 5s and he gave me his old 5 but he gave me the 5 in the 5s box]

2 and 3. Dr martens and all black converse

be jealous
yup I am quite satisfied with the splurging my family did one me.

Anyway, I should start posting more but my life is lame and I don't like walking around with my camera.
All the other bloggers have such captivating posts and I feel like I can't compete. My vocabulary is shit and I am terrible at creating proper sentences. 

Maybe as I get older I will get more interesting...I hope. 

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  1. food and shoes, some of the best things on earth. Can't wait till U.S.A 's Thanksgiving next month im going to eat everything twice.