Hey readers! I haven't blogged in '5ever' and its totally strange.

It'll almost be my one year anniversary of ' transitionofawannabe' and I'm stunned that a year has gone by already. Times goes by so quickly and I just want to grab time by the minute/hour hand and be like " HOLD UP!"

Anyway, I'm going to stop blogging about myself and focus on something more helpful for people who need a winter coat.

so here's a review of a coat I recently purchased online

So those are the photos of the jacket from the website I ordered from. If you want to check out some more 'High Quality' photos then click this !

Ok so deciding wether I should buy this jacket was an agonizing process because I am a very Picky jacket chooser.

Khaki Jackets are so popular at the moment that I've been dying to get my hands on one but it was almost impossible to find them in stores.

I looked really hard to find moderately priced parkas online with enough pictures for me to get an overall idea of how the jacket would look on me/ its warmth.

When I came across Phix clothing I was impressed of how much they covered with taking pictures of the jacket because when I looked on romwe or yesstyle the only images I got were the models wearing the jacket and all it did was frustrate me.

Before I bought the jacket I measured myself multiple times because I did not want to return this jacket all the way back to Britain. I ended up choosing a size 14uk which is considered a large.

The measurements were somewhat accurate but the arm area is sort of tight. Usually before I purchase a Jacket I make sure that when I move the arm, I feel as comfortable as possible.However I wasn't able to do that since I wasn't buying it in stores. I think the only reason why I have these problems is because I have freakishly long, slim arms that almost reach my knees when I stand straight.

Hopefully I'll grow accustom to the jacket and if not I'll sell it to a friend or bring it to a tailor.

As for the warmth, I've only gone outside in it with a sweater.  it was -11°c today and I felt a bit cold in it but I was inside a building for at least an hour while wearing my jacket and I was blazing in it.

If you live in a cold climate like me, I would not recommend this jacket unless you're not really going outside and you're simply wearing it to 'pimp out' your outfit. If the coldest it gets is -5 where you live, during the winter then I would totally recommend this jacket because It's stylish, comes with loads of pocket compartments and I get beaucoup de compliments.

Heres a real life iphone-quality picture of my jacket. It's slightly darker than in the picture but I don't mind.

Hopefully my review was useful for those of you either trying to find a new jacket or those of you who came across this jacket and couldn't find a review of it anywhere and want to know if it's actually worth it.

If you have any questions about the jacket comment below and I'll respond as quick as I can


  1. its so cute tho! i live in the east side of america so i probs wont get this. welcome back to the blogosphere!


    1. thanks, its always a nice fall jacket ^_^

  2. Wow......jacket is looking so nice. I really enjoyed each and every word of your post. Thanks a lot for sharing this interesting and wonderful experience.
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