Changes xx

Ok so over the past year I feel like i've changed a lot and have have transitioned into a person I am content with.

I do still get depressed but it doesn't last for months on end.

However Cegep is in a month and I want to change my overall appearance and update my wardrobe.

I really loved having short hair but I want the hair on my head to be mine.

I scrapped the idea of going natural because I am lazy and can not spend 4 hours on my hair every time I want to style it.

So my plan is to relax my hair and cut it short like a pixie cut.

 It's going to be difficult finding a stylist in montreal that knows how to properly relax and style my hair but hopefully I find one before school starts.

As for  clothes I was watching a beauty crush video and she suggested building a wardrobe with black and whites.

I gave it some thought and realized that I barely wear bright colourful clothes and the colourful clothes I do own goes untouched.

This realization prompted me to discard a large amount of my clothing and I'm planning on setting up a garage sale and selling them off.

I'm now going to try and build a wardrobe filled with basic t-shirts and pants.

I recently went downtown and forever 21 was such a turn off. I don't know if it's because I'm getting older or forever 21 is going through something but I didn't see a single thing I liked.

They have way to much clothes and for me it's not worth searching through.

I'll probably stick to their accessories and cheap white t-shirts  for now.

Clothing stores like Brandy Melville, American apparel, Topshop, Garage, Zara and H&M are more my thing. It's cute and simple and it's what I'm going for.

I'm hopping I can achieve all these changes as well as obtain a Canon t3i that I so desperately want.

I'm also going to try and teach myself how to properly use eyeshadow and apply cover up because I know for a fact that I'm doing it wrong haha.

So far my summer has been great. Lots of parties and late night biking :))

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  1. I like these minamalist pieces you are going for. I bet youd look good with short hair. Your summer sounds fun. :)