I listen to pop punk and mainly male artists because they are singing about their emotions and their break ups and how it feels to be in love and to have a crush and when I see guys, I see them as emotional-less fucks. I can’t even relate to their problems, but to hear them be so open about such heart breaking events is just the cutest thing in the world. I cry ya know, while I listen, but I don’t know why because they don’t affect me. Guys are told to be so strong and the fact that these guys are so manly and they’re singing so hard and rough-like and the contrast between lyrics and sound is immense, I love it. The harder you scream the more meaningful it is and I see it as they’re hurting. Guys who hurt you just want to hug. You wouldn’t think guys like them feel like that, but they do and it's good to know because guys have emotions too, but they’re not as open about it like girls are.

My grammar sucks ass but I don’t give a fuck.  Like pretentious fucks have a stick up their ass about word choice and sentence structure and punctuations but to be honest I could care less.  As long as it makes sense then I don’t care. Do what ever you want and if you want to get your point across do it in however way you like. fuck, fuckers who fucking judge you.

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